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Away into the World of Coding – Easy !


Welcome to the world of Coding

IT is well known for Computer geniuses. Great minds, who spend most of their times in front of a screen and all fingers on the keyboard, doing all that we think they do. Well there is always an interesting side of every story. Let me introduce you to the secret world of coding.

Did you know computers communicate? Just like in the normal world we communicate, language. Computers understand and interpret language, every time we click something the computer responds to the input. I will take you through HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language). This is a language used in creating web page? yes like your favorite search engine. Web developers use this language(HTML) to write codes that are understood by the web browsers for example google chrome, safari, internet explorer etc. What we normally see as Facebook on our front screen is a set of codes that have been translated to a form that we understand.

Some of you might have come across some codes that can be used in web developing using HTML for example in Microsoft office you can format a word to italic by pressing the “i” it changes the word to italic format. In the same way HTML uses this type of formatting in a bit more advanced way using tags “<>” to format the content of the words in web pages, it can also be used to insert media such as images, music and videos by using links which might appear to end users or a person browsing on YouTube as a button but in fact behind it there is an extension that directly calls the video to appear on the web browser.

HTML is responsible for creating the content of the website, for example text and images. in order fro a website to look appealing and modern it has to be decorated and this is know as styling in web development. web developers use Cascading Style Sheet in short form CSS, this is a language that defines or scales out how the content of the website will look alike for example in a navigation bar where we normally find links such as Home, About Us etc. CSS can be used to align the links to the top left corner of the web page and the logo to the right and also the background of the bar.

Believe or not anyone can code or create a web page. It’s simple and easy to understand, all you need is a bit of time and patience just like we learn how do to other things such as driving, riding a bicycle etc. but the exciting thing about HTML is that it’s a language. it is understood by web browsers, apart from the symbols that are used in the code most of the language consists of words that we normally use day to day such as center; this can be used to center the content, align; this is used for positioning the content, font-size; just like Microsoft word font-size is used to change the font size. Yes, it is very easy to create your own page. Why don’t you start today, lets geek.

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