Information technology has been improving at a rapid pace in the past decades due to the change in communication and computing as seen in my previous blogs which talks about the way we record data in the system, its functions and use of both the Html and CSS. But on this blog, I am focusing on the impact of IT in our society at large and all these changes are due to the progress in economic growth both in skills and education. the support and increase in the use of new technologies has been a source of the reduced cost of communication which results in technological improvements and increase in competition both in the business sectors. Take for instance Moore’s law in the processing of microchips which seems to be doubling. These advancements in technology present many significant opportunities also pose major challenges in our society today. The main significant change in IT has been the electronic commerce through the internet as a new way of business transaction. Non-the less I am going to focus on several ways in which Information Technology has impacted in our society and in different sectors which I will list below.

. Impact on private life/trend

. Impact on Labour Market

. Impact on Education

. Impact on business and market structure


The change in IT impact greatly in our private life due to the rapid increase in the use of computers which has been taken over with high dependability on ICT as our new way of living there by removing the act of pro activeness and thinking ability even though it makes socialising easier it also has a negative effect on our health using computer through stain injuries on our hands, eyes and wrist.

The amount of time spent on the internet or watching TV has taken a large part of our day to day activity which has also resulted in the increase in obesity due to large dependability in technology and fast food. Information technology has improved our transportation system in many ways making it easy to travel from one country to another through different means which includes both land air and sea. it has equally a raised privacy issues as information are easily shared among people and this affects both the private and public sectors.


This has more impact as there is high request for technological know-how in most industries today. Snice the use of technological appliance most jobs are lost, all activities are carried out using technology, like the use of telephones or internet to communicate compared to writing letters through a postman, technology bridges the gap and reduces jobs in this area. firms move businesses and jobs to countries they can benefit from in ways of low production with use of cheap labour and raw materials..


The improvement in information technology has been beneficial in the educational aspect of our economy as we know that education is the backbone of any economy that wants to grow and information technology has indeed helped with the ease of studying through easy asses to research materials and not eliminating the old and traditional method of studying in the class, but complementing the educational system in a more advanced way. Information’s are easily passed from lectures to students through the internet via Email and this also simplifies the interaction between student during course work.

Although we still have other means of education which is the distance learning through the internet, this is highly supported with videos of tutorial and are used by prestigious university to enable people from different geographical location attain a degree which in turn creates the room for expansion in Ecommerce.


The impact of information technology on business and market structure is mainly seen in the aspect of reducing geographical distance between the work place and home, many industries like the software industry make use of this to overcome local market competition for engineers in software, low wages by the use for employees in countries like India or other places where their wages are lower. Firms can equally outsource for investment from other countries with better infrastructures and use information technology like telecommunication and the internet to manage the marketing process. Information technology brings about the ease of product awareness, choice, and a more interactive and professional was of marketing products which can be tailored to costumers needs   and services in both the own country of production and other country as a marketing strategy. 



In conclusion information technology has numerous impact in our society today and it requires proper research and investigation to identify the dangers and risk it may have in our society which can range from lack of human mental capacity due to high reliability in computers or socially based on the technology design. All these decisions need to be carefully made as any change now might be expensive and even difficult to modify soon.



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                                             REFLECTIVE EASSY ON CODIND

Lately, I have been having conversation with my course mates about coding as a computer program since I started my research on this assignment and I have come across many reasons why a computer system cannot do without coding, because it is in our everyday use of the internet and how it responds to us in return while using a computer.

My Blog is going to be based on my research finding and how I feel about coding and I hope I will be able to channel and share my understanding with others which in turn I would like to receive question and other people’s relevant suggestion based on other people ideas and opinion


    This is a method of process of identification classification of data that are entered the computer, and these are what makes it possible for us to create Software’s, Apps and Websites. E.g. our Phone apps, Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Browser are all made with coding

Coding works by writing codes to tell the computers what to do. A computer can only understand two types of data which is the on and off or transistors which have the binary coding that is represented by 1s and 0s where each digit represents one transistor, our computers consist of billions of transistors and these are made easy with the use of coding, which is a programing language.



There are several benefits associated with the understanding of coding and these range from just being able to create your own website, having a career as a coder or can understand the nature of technology shaping your world. Coding plays an important role while creating a website and thus in turn relates to understanding and learning HTML and CSS codes which is the code that all websites runs on.



Html defines the structure and content of Web document including its layout by using a variety of tags and attributes. The acronym for HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. This programming language there for it is because of HTML web pages are viewable and interesting to look at. While the cascading style sheets which is generally known as CSS is a programming language that is used to simplify the process of making web pages presentable. Before the use of the CSS, HTML was the main and only used process of web design The CSS is usually used alongside with the HTML but it is making responsible for the look and feel part of the web page by describing how the HTML are to be displayed in other medias, on the screen and on paper by controlling all Layout of web pages, take for instance the latest version of the HTML5 which comes with more features for easy web design performance.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BENEFITS OF HTML AND CSS


  • The CSS enables an organizations web page to be uniform because CSS helps web developers to create a uniform and similar look across its pages on web in other to make the organizations website stand out and be more precise and constant in its setup.
  • The CSS also makes it easy to change the style of several pages at ones there by reducing the stress of Changing different pages separately and making web design easier and faster and this makes it easy for organizations to modify and improve their website easily like increasing the text size of several pages.
  • The html is highly important and beneficial to both the organization and individuals as it enables the defining of the webpage header, footer, navigation bar, it equally helps define articles within a page and outside a page primary content and this provides a new capability for web developers and organization.
  • Html helps with mobile optimization and this enables individuals navigate through their mobile phone with ease.
  • Html is highly supported by every browser and it is easy and simple to use and equally to learn
  • Html is free and easy to maintain their fore both organizations and individuals have easy asses to save income.






My career aspiration has changed from stage to stage as I grow and become more knowledgeable about the things I thought I knew when I was a lot younger, but Now I can say I am more focused on the path I want to follow with my career in life. The ability to make a difference in the world has driven me to my choice of career followed by Financial stability, confidence and good business management strategy with our vast and changing economy today has landed me on this course which Is business information technology. But before I go far on this topic I will first state clearly what my understanding of what profession is in other to be able to channel my ideas properly to the understanding of others. A profession is basically a principle of an individual who adheres to standards which are ethical and acceptable to the public with special knowledge and skills with a recognised learning body which can be achieved through education, research and training.

Before I decided on my career choice I had to research on the course and I have come to realise it benefits Which has made my career goal as a IT business analyst, my watch word I then made a career flow diagram to enable me achieve my aim which I will be showing below but I will explain further in my next post which will focus on how to set a career standard and goal to help you focus in your ambition.
I created this flow chat as a guide to focusing on ways of making my career come to life and I also have discovered the four main ways of setting a good pace with an IT profession which has helped me understand my choice of career and all its attribute but that will be explained in my next blog.  I Then made myself understand that the best was of achieving this is by focusing on my studies, becoming a degree holder and following up with taking other courses to improve my knowledge because being an Information Technology professional is not a walk in the park, it requires lot of studies and the ability to change with the changing technology and improving of my skills. it requires special education followed by skills and training to become an IT professional, being able to Annalise information in a structural manner and represent them strategically with an active intellectual instincts and creativity goes a long way with being an Information technology professional and this makes me think beyond the ordinary and have the mindset of been called among those who have reached great heights of respect in their area of specialisation and career by reaching the senior management level in Information Technology as an analyst. Information technology requires regular improvement in skills, self-study and use of technology with improved performance and ability to be proactive and fast thinking in other to work with the trend in technology change.


Even though the professional term only came into play in the 17th century in other to bring about specialization which goes beyond a degree but experience in an area of study. many have indeed gained a lot of progress which I am sure I am going to partake in by staying focused on my set goals and not deviating when all the challenges begin to unfold. I am so determined and sure with regular studies, research and the zeal of learning new things my aim is not far-fetched because it would be my duty to know the legal and right code of practice with an excellent level of care and diligence as a professional.



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