Live Smart, Worry no more!

Introducing ---- Smart LPG Gas Cylinder Cabin! Now your cylinder informs you when gas is running out , and alerts you when it detects gas leakage and many more!

Smart LPG Cylinder Cabin (SCC) is a technological innovation that takes care of LPG Gas Cylinders in millions of kitchens and restaurants especially where cylinder bottles are kept within the premise. SCC monitors LPG Cylinder Gas volume usage, Gas leakage and Cylinder Cabin’s temperature and communicates any changes to users through GMS Module or wireless technology. It provides a shielded body for Cylinder to safeguard it against theft and unauthorized access by under age children.

Have a look at how similar innovation delivers this service: 

The  Smart LPG Cylinder Cabin (SCC) was designed to house a LPG cylinder and  coordinates its affairs. The body was designed with metal in other to provide it with some protections, and the goal was to restrict access to unauthorized access and underage children.The design of the body would help users to keep their Smart Cabin anywhere within their home. The body is designed with high fireproof mechanism. 

Why you need to have your conventional LPG Cylinder in this Smart cabin: 
The conventional LPG Cylinder bottle has been in existence and in-use in many homes across Africa and beyond, and has equally caused so many of problems that include fire outbreaks. 

Here is one of user's experience:
 "I still remember that night very well, my wife and I got home from very long trip, hungry and exhausted, It was about 7.47pm and we lived in an estate where food and other items were difficult to purchased inside the estate except at a small mall near the entrance of the estate. The mall usually close at 6.30pm due to security reasons. we never wanted to buy anything from the mall but, it wouldn't had been so bad if the mall was open;  that night our LPG gas cylinder was found empty, the Cylinder control nob was left open before we traveled without our knowledge, and the whole gas was out. We were so lucky nothing bad happened except that we had to stay hungry at night."

The Smart LPG Cylinder Cabin was designed with sensors,Micro-controllers, automatic scale, GSM module, wireless technology and battery. The three sensors on the cabin monitor gas leakage, Gas volume usage and temperature. It communicates to users through GSM module and wireless.

The system is power by 12V capacity adapter and backup battery installed which recharges using solar and electricity.

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