My Working Life

My Working Life

My working Life was a promotional video from Entrepreneur of the year 2012 Syed Hassan and the opening of his Frozen Yogurt stores in Manchester. I produced, directed, filmed and edited this pieces as it was an individual assessment but did have help from a camera and sound assistant on the day of filming. This was the first video production project I’ve ever made in 2013. At the time I thought the shots and transitions were amazing because it was my first shot at editing footage. However now looking back at it the video seems very amateur like and unimpressive as I can identify many things I would now change to the cinematic style and sound distortion.



Reel Fanatics

Student Live Studio Film Quiz Show

Reel Fanatics is a Film Quiz show made up from a film crew of students for an assessment in 2014. The show took 10 weeks in planning and was recorder completely live in the studio. My role in the crew was primary researcher, camera operator and set design. During research for the show I had to find questions for the quickfire question round. Using questionnaires and researching well known films of all time I was able to construct a variety of questions the student contestants would find challenging but not impossible to answer. Operating camera 2 for the show allowed me to exercise my technical skills creating a camera shot list practicing framing to ensure I captured the best shots as the cameras we were broadcasting live. Set Design was my favourite role on the show as I was able to exercise my creative side. However the task became as struggle as we did not have a budget for the show, any props used were donations from sources such as the university’s arts and drama department and contributions from the crew’s relatives.