My time at Salford Business School had prepared me for a career as a digital marketer in the media industry

Creating digital content is what I love, therefore being a digital marketer in the media industry is my goal. Studying at Salford Business School and learning digital marketing allows me to take my skills and apply them to marketing. Bringing what I love doing and my dream career together.

In the course, we cover so many vital areas to a successful digital marketing campaign. These include search engine optimisation, social media marketing and digital innovation to name a few. All this sets you up to create digital marketing campaigns because you know easily what you need to do to succeed.

Digital Content

As well as my time at The University of Salford, I have also worked freelance for the UK mobile network giffgaff and since 2013 producing digital content including blog posts on technology, video unboxings and reviews of phones.

Digital content for giffgaff

In March 2017, I was chosen as one of a team of 100 non-journalist volunteers from Greater Manchester to “take over” the airwaves of BBC Radio Manchester. The roles included the chance to present, report, produce or create digital content. Some of us were lucky enough to be selected as a Digital Reporter, you can see my report here. I had an amazing time making digital content and working in the media industry, besides that, I made great friends.

Digital content for BBC Radio Manchester
BBC Radio Manchester

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you have found it interesting. If you would like to know more about me, then please follow me on Twitter and Linked In, to see more of my work please see my connect page or visit my website.

Fridge Save App

Food Save is a new App that keeps track of the items in your fridge. Simply scan each item from your shopping as you put it away and using data from the Open Food Facts database we can show you a wide range of information about that product. The App uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to pick up the use by/best before date as you scan the item’s barcode to make it easier to enter (or you can add it manually if needed). It can then take those products and using your taste profile, offer you recipes based on which products you have in and which are running out of date first.

How much do we waste?

If you’re anything like me, who throws away a lot of products each week because they are out of date, then Fridge Save is for you. According to UK research by the Waste and recycling advisory body, 4.4m tonnes of household food waste was thrown away in 2015 that could have been eaten (The Guardian, 2017). Fridge Save is designed to help reduce this number and help people save money, as the same research showed that all this food was worth £13 billion. That’s a lot of both food and money wasted, the Fridge Save App can help.

Features of the App

    • Enter products with ease
      You can add products by scanning the barcode, typing in the barcode or product name on the ‘Add’ screen. The App will then pull the name, quantity (if it’s in a multipack), brand, category, Ingredients, allergies, intolerances, additives, vitamins, nutrition info and more from Open Food Facts, to give you an overview of each product. This data can also be useful for anyway trying to stick to a diet.

    • Best before/Used by dates
      We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to pick up the used by/best before date as you scan the item (or you can add it manually if needed). This allows us to show you your fridge contents in order of their use by/best before dates, allowing you to see what products need to be used first.

    • Tailored recipes
      The ‘Your Recipes’ page is the place to go when you don’t know what to cook, the App will suggest recipes based on what you have in, what needs to be used first and the taste profile information you have given us, this allows the App to tailor the recipes to you and your family.

    • Account
      This page allows you to change your account details, set your taste profiles (to inform the App of what kind of food you like to eat). You can also decide if you which to share the Apps data with family members and which devices you wish to share it with. This is also the place to log out of the App if you need to.

Overview Video

Check out the short video below for an overview of how the App might look like and how the features may work in a real-life iOS and Android application.

Video link:

Mailing list

Keep up to date with the Fridge Save App by joining our mailing list below, we will e-mail you about new features we are working on and let you know when the App is available for iOS and Android.

Save food, Save money
with Fridge save


This blog post was written as part of an assignment for the Digital Innovation module of my MSc Digital Marketing masters at Salford Business School. This App is a concept only and does not exist.