How to use Snapchat

How to use Snapchat

In this blog post, I am targeting individuals who want to learn about how to use Snapchat. At the end of this blog post, I want my audience to be able to know how to use Snapchat, as it is newer than the other social media apps. This is because there are some people who do not know how to use snapchat. This problem will be fixed by providing knowledge of how to use Snapchat. Additionally, in this blog, the main features regarding snapchat will be discussed.

Adding Contacts

Firstly, to be able to use snapchat properly you must add friends. You can either scroll down on the camera screen or tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. There are three options such as Added Me, Add Friends and My Friends. Tap on Add Friends and tap on Username, and this will enable you to search for friends on Snapchat (Betters, 2017).

Taking a snap

Next, tap the camera screen and decide if you want to take a selfie or a photo, use the toggle screen to adjust accordingly. Tap the screen to activate snapchat lenses and then when you are ready, tap the circular button to take the snap. Afterwards, you can either edit your snap or you can delete it by tapping the X button. Tap on the screen to make a caption; you are limited to a few words which you can use. Touch the stop watch icon, which enables you to choose how long your snap lasts for. There is a downward arrow by the stop watch, touch it to save the snap (iMore, 2017).

Sharing your snap

Additionally, there is a circular blue icon to the right of the screen with a white arrow, touch it. This should then take you to a page with all your contacts. You can either choose multiple contacts or select one contact. After your snaps have been sent, you can see who viewed your story by tapping on your snap and scrolling up (Medium, 2017).

Applying Lenses

Furthermore, to apply snap chat lenses you should tap the camera icon to go to the camera screen. Press gently on your face and a range of lenses will appear below. Use your thumb or a finger to swipe left and select a filter of your choice. Follow the on-screen actions and tap or hold on the camera icon to capture it (, 2017).


Now you have learnt about the main features of snapchat. Download snapchat and have fun using it with friends. Will you give snapchat a chance?





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