Business system needs upgrading? Look no further

Business System needs upgrading? Look no further


Dear Readers,
I want to start with a simple phrase that I think you will all start to love once you have finished reading this blog.
Change Is Good

Please continue reading if you feel you could benefit with some transformation. You may feel like this change will confuse your staff and cause confusion and chaos amongst the work environment.
However it is worse when you do not fulfil the potential you have. This is a process that can take a long time but with a new information technology system this can be changed.

Transforming to an IT system

First things first the most important tip I can give is to create a plan and ensure you are aware of all the risks and losses that can occur.

All the big companies now use IT systems to run their business whether it is a trainer shop or a book store. IT systems can benefit your business by ensuring productivity is maximised. Storage can now be electronically available rather than manually hand written, communication can be faster and backups of information can be made ensuring minimal loss of data. Information systems are now being used in every business so it is about time you caught up!









(Rhys Brade, 2016)

When upgrading your system to an IT system it is important that you ensure your staff are slowly eased into the transformation. Chaos will occur if you decide to change everything all at once, a big bang will occur causing in failure. Similar to what happened at craven books.

Some companies prefer to buy a standard which in turn are less risky because it is easy to install and easy to use. These standard off the shelf packages have been used by others before so it is proven that they work. The only downside to this is that it may not be compatible with the current system and some of these packages are costly.

Then, you can choose to bring in a consultant who should make this transition easier. They should help set a clear objective, explain in depth the different types of systems available, and educate you in the system before you make your decision. Also, they should provide training and/or guidelines for the staff on how to operate the new system. However, some consultants do not act in this way.

Next, there are different types of development strategies which you could implement but it is important to consult with all members of staff before making such a decision. The four different types of development strategies are: parallel, pilot, phased and cut-over. Ensure you do research on each one and find out which one best suits you.

Below is an image of what an information system looks like:

(, 2016)

To conclude, there are advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to an IT system. The main piece of advice is to ensure all members of your team are fully aware of the transition occurring. Don’t leave no pages unturned and ensure there is a clear plan that is being followed. This way there can be no surprises and it will be clear who is responsible for any mishaps.

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How Safe Are You When Browsing?

How Secure Are You When Browsing?

 In my last blog I talked about how you can use social media to your advantage.
In this blog I warn you about the dangers of giving too much personal information to companies.
You’re probably thinking that I am crazy right?
You think you can trust companies with your personal information, unfortunately that is not true.
Below I will open your eyes to the dangers of the internet.

You would never think a major health company like the NHS would betray you and that is exactly what I thought until I read an article from the guardian. “Drug and insurance companies will from later this year be able to buy information on patients” (Ramesh, 2014) this shows that your data can be sold for a price. “The extracted information will contain NHS numbers, date of birth, postcode, ethnicity and gender.” (Ramesh, 2014).

The gif below is showing you how to change your Facebook privacy settings so only your friends can see what you post rather than any random stranger on Facebook.
P.S. this will be very useful to those with crazy ex-partners trying to see what they are up to.
Here's where to get started: Change your default post setting to "Friends." The rest of your Privacy settings can be found by clicking on "See More Settings."

(, 2016)

It is virtually impossible to prevent your data being misused if a member of staff is authorised to access your data, however you can protect yourself against companies like the NHS by following a few steps which I will outline below:

  1. You can simply notify your General Practitioner (GP) that you do not give consent for your medical and personal data to be given out to third parties and other companies.
  2. This step requires a bit more effort but it is just as effective. You can send a letter to your MP stating your anger that your personal data and medical data is being sold to private companies and they have no choice but to reply.
  3. Another idea which I find very satisfying would be to move to Scotland. This is because no matter how eager the Tories would like to sell or give away your medical and personal data they are simply not allowed to due to the strictness Scotland have over their health service.



keep calm while we steal your data”Keep calm while we steal your data” (Sullivan, 2013)

  1. The picture above is used to emphasise the fact that I think using google to search the net does not come with the highest privacy whereas if you used a proxy search engine such as lxquick or gibiru.
  2. You can also find out about people who are spying on what you are doing on the internet by downloading Ghostery Add On for your browser. [Note – you can block those who are spying]
  3.  Simple things such as ensuring the beginning of the urls have ‘https: /’ rather than ‘http: /’ the adding of the ‘s’ just means that you are on a secure connection.I recommend you watch the video below as it shows us how our privacy as a whole generation has not been as secure as we think.
    P.S it has a really catchy song which I think you will like.

(YouTube, 2016)

What I want you to gather from this blog is that you can take steps to keep your personal information from being misused and shared without your consent!
You can take my advice and stay in charge of your data!
Do you feel more confident to browse the internet?
Well I hope so because that is my objective.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to read this, I hope I did not disappoint you.
If you have any concerns, questions or would just like me to write about a different topic then please leave a comment below and I will do my absolute best.



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Amazing and simple steps to benefit your business using Twitter

Hi there, don’t be afraid, raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to use social media to promote your business but have no idea what you are doing. Well if you are that person then you have come to the right place. I know it seems like these new technologies are just for the younger generation to mess about on however these social media accounts can be highly beneficial to you, I promise.

When you open up twitter, you’re hit with pictures of random people, videos of weird content and icons you have never seen before, destroying any chance of you actually using it. It’s daunting enough not knowing the difference between Facebook and twitter never mind having to actually download and attempt to promote your business using them.

Well, it’s good that you’re reading this blog because using these social media websites and putting your business out there will help you get rid of that fear and uncertainty. With the right instructions and advice at your fingertips, you could easily be like all the other businesses out there — all without having to employ someone at a price that you could do yourself for free.

You may be thinking what is the big fuss? Why don’t you just use a website, it’s the same thing. This is where many businesses go wrong and end up falling behind their competitors. Twitter is an amazing tool that is not utilized to its full potential in the market of today. It does not matter what you are providing as a company, whether it is promoting your brand or informing customers about the service or product offered. I understand you may think to yourself: who will manage this twitter account? Or use the excuse that you don’t know how to use it but I have news for you. In this blog I will personally assist you on how to utilize twitter in today’s market

Sign up to twitter by visiting the website and inputting your company name, company email and a password that other staff in your business can use. Once this is done, fill out the rest of the information required. Now you have done what is asked, it is time to find out in this blog post how to use twitter to your companies’ advantage. Are you ready to attract hundreds more customers? Let’s not waste a minute longer!

Steps on How-To-Use twitter to your advantage

Before you dive into Twitter head first, you need to know what your aim is whether it is to educate people about your products and services or could be to promote your company to gain more customers. Just like you would have a rough idea of what content you want on your website you should have the same idea of what you are going to be saying to your audience. Before sending a tweet, you want to establish what you want this tweet to do, what your followers can grasp from the tweet. Then, you can begin to start tweeting images to show visual evidence for those followers who do not like to read, also it is always good to have your tweets simple and straight to the point as there is a 140 character limit per tweet. Also, remember that you want your username to be short and concise because if your username is long then it will use up some of the little 140 characters you or users are allocated. Additionally, you want your username to be easy and simple to remember so customers and users can tweet you e.g. @BestBlog would be the name of my twitter account and it is short and easy to remember whilst accurately describing my skill level of blogging.

Keep in mind that it is important to connect with as many users as possible because these users will share your content, build new networks and in result attract more users to your account therefore an increase in potential customers.

Below the image shows how you would see these two accounts if you were logged in to your twitter. At the top it shows that Brendan Shea followed the two accounts and 52 more. This is how networking works on twitter, also this shows how vast and wide the twitter network is.

Right from the start of your life on twitter, you are given the option of following different types of people and once you start to follow a certain type of account for example if you followed a lot of business leaders then recommendations on who to follow will be similar to business leaders so you rarely have to browse for people that you are interested in.

After you have sent your first tweet and followed a few accounts, it is the time of spicing up your twitter account simply by clicking the edit profile button on the right hand side of the page. You have two different images for those visiting your twitter page to see: one is your profile photo and the other is the header. Most companies use their logos as their profile picture to give their customers that familiar logo to remember in the future. Make sure it is a nice clear picture and of a decent size, the last thing you want is users having to squint their eyes to find out what your profile picture is. Once you have chosen a profile picture, you must then select a header which allows a whole lot more space for a longer image, it is important to have the header relate to what your company is about for example Kim Kardashian has her own TV show and in order for her to encourage more people to watch her show or to remind people of her show, she has her header as this TV show.

kim k 

 After that is done underneath your profile picture you can include a hyperlink to direct users straight to your website. You can also include something called a #hashtag which is twitters very own slogan creator. So in my case my hashtags would be #BestBlog which is the same as my @mention because this will drill this into user’s heads making it very catchy.


The bio of your twitter account is also very important because this is where you want to portray to visitors what your company does as simply and efficient as possible. It is not a good idea to include loads of hashtags and long sentences because you want your bio to be sensible looking. There is an option to change the colour scheme which again is important because companies such as ‘outlook , Facebook and twitter’ use the colour blue and in result users establish the colour blue with these companies so whatever your logo is, attempt to make the colours relate.

After your profile is updated and looking sexy, it is time to start sending tweets, as stated previously each tweet has a limit of 140 characters so it is important to keep tweets short and concise whilst not being too casual because it will give an unprofessional feel about your company if you use words such as ‘coz’ instead of ‘because’ (I’m sure only the younger generation talk like that). It is important to get up to date with the abbreviations of today such as ‘selfie’ which is a picture taken of yourself by yourself and ‘TBT’ meaning throwback Thursday which is usually an image relating to the past. The more you use twitter the easier you will pick up these terms.

Below is an image which I think can convince anyone that using twitter to benefit their company is the way forward.


Engagements shows that 50% of twitter users visited or shopped at the websites of the SMBs (small and medium business) they follow.

Sales shows that 60% purchased from an SMB because of seeing something on their twitter page.

And finally customer’s shows that 43% planned to purchase consistently from the SMBs they are following.

Then, you’re ready to start gaining followers and exposing your company to millions of people. And you know what the best part is? Now you feel comfortable with twitter, you can go social media crazy and create an Instagram account, Facebook account and it won’t feel quite as daunting.

Last, but certainly not least, you want to start spreading word about your twitter account to gain even more followers, tell your colleagues and friends as the more followers the more potential customers. This way, your twitter account will begin to rake in visitors and thus all you need to maintain is sending tweets because your followers will promote your company for you through retweets and favourites.

Want to learn about other social media accounts? Leave a comment and I will create another blog on how to start that up. However you can click here to watch a video if you don’t want to read a blog.


Twitter. (2016). How to use Twitter for your business. Available: Last accessed 17/02/2016