Golden Tandoori Epos Information

Golden Tandoori, BDTI Assessment 2, 2000 words, due on 4th December

Background content to your chosen company- 200 words

Golden Tandoori is a fast food takeaway business which has been established for over 10 years. This is my family business and I would like to make some positive changes as at the moment it has a problem because it is not making the most of technology. The business currently uses a normal till and a leaflet menu to take orders from the customers.

I decided to design an Epos system and get it developed from a professional company. This Epos system will be really useful as it will take orders quickly and efficiently. The Epos system itself will be designed by myself as I will try to reduce the total cost when it comes to developing.

The business is growing rapidly and is in need of an Epos system as this will improve customer service and also help the employees as they will be reducing the amount of time of taking an order. This Epos system will also be linked to the telephone line for delivery purposes and will track the callers ID and address if they have ordered previously, for the long term this is a really important device which is need for the business and I will be meeting the requirements.

Business problem including why you selected this case-600 words

The problem with Golden Tandoori is that it has not invested in the business for it to grow and become more successful. I know by investing some money in getting an Epos system will be a huge advantage for the business, as you have to spend money to make money. Also in order for Golden Tandoori to be successful it will need to take an investment of time, energy, resources and commitment. (1)

In the past 10 years the business has been using the same technique to take orders from the customers and may have lost some money in doing this as because there are many disadvantages of using a normal till system such as

  • Giving the wrong change to the customers
  • Time consuming to work out the right calculations
  • Not accurate measures
  • If an error is made it cannot be removed of the till system

The above disadvantages are show me why an Epos system is require. There are many benefits of using an Epos system such as,

  • You have control measures
  • This system is an easier system to use in a high volume business, especially when Golden Tandoori is busy on the weekends.
  • The system gives you a specific report on what you are selling and also keeps a track of the items you are selling the most.
  • The Epos system is unique and exciting, it’s something different as you can check your sales reports, staff record.
  • It is more accurate and you know how much money you expect to receive from the customer and how much change you need to give back to the customer,
  • It also does the calculations for you so that you do not need to use your brain to add the items up
  • This does the control measures on your cash as this is the main reason you have a business for
  • Management easier for your business

Looking at the benefits you can see how much of an advantage Golden Tandoori can have in investing in an Epos system. The business will make the investment money they invested in the Epos system back as it will help save so many costs and increase the sales. This will also allow Golden Tandoori to be more successful and think about the future as they can expand the business when sales increase. This business is all about becoming big and provide the best customer service.

However there are a few disadvantages such as,

  • Time consuming in training the staff to use the system
  • If any errors occur it will take time in getting this fixed
  • The cost of an Epos system is a down side
  • Another issue is the regular maintenance requirement. The effect of regular maintenance can often prove to be time consuming and disruptive to operations.
  • The Epos system will also require regular software and / or hardware updates in order to maintain optimum performance, this will costly.

Looking at the above disadvantages you can see they are not major as they can easily be worked around. It will take time for Golden Tandoori to get use to the system and then solve any maintenance or error issues in the future. However this will still be beneficial for the business because there are more advantages which are needed in the business than the disadvantages which are less likely to effect the Golden Tandoori.

As the business will be using this system Seven days a week, this will mean that overtime they will get use to using the Epos system and will be able to overcome any issues and errors so that these do not repeat in the future.

Research, what business modules, primary or secondary information did you use to help you solve the problem- 500 words

The business needs an Epos system which will help the business to become more successful and effective in customer service. I used primary and secondary research to help create this idea of getting an Epos system developed.

I created a questionnaire for the employees of Golden Tandoori so I can analyse the results and see what the employees think of getting an Epos system for the business. My questionnaire was completed by four individuals (See Appendices 1 for the questions and answers). The results showed me that the employees would really appreciate the system and would recommend the business to invest in an Epos system. All of my questions were simple and multiple choice as I had to make sure I get the information I was looking for.

I also used secondary research by researching online about the advantages and disadvantages of using an Epos system, as mentioned above. This research was really helpful as I gathered more information about how I can design my Epos system to meet the requirements of the business, and also how I can save costs when getting my Epos system. As the business needs a simple Epos system with simple functions such as prises of the products and a functioning cost and change tool, this will mean the costs of getting this system will be less than a more advanced Epos system.

I thought about interviewing the staff but this was not necessary as the results from my questionnaire were enough for me to provide evidence that there is a need of this system.

Impact, what was or will be the likely impact and recommendations for the organisation-250 words

The Epos system will bring a positive impact to the business, as this will be something new and more interactive to the employees as the system will be more interesting and enjoyable to use whilst doing their job. It is also important that the business owners do their best to keep the employees happy and to make sure the employees enjoy their job because happy employees mean efficient employees and a better work culture which will then lead to happier customers. Customer service is important for every business and employees who are happy and enthusiastic about their jobs will go above and beyond because they enjoy their work and interacting with customers. (3) The Epos system will also be beneficial as the customers who go to a fast food business look for speed, convenience and predictability rather than a memorable dining experience. (4)

As the Epos system will be improving the customer service of the business, this will allow the owner to focus on improving different aspects of business such as the design, sitting area, menu etc. So that it can become more successful. It is important to have new ideas on how to become a superior business because there is a lot of competition for fast food takeaway businesses and Golden Tandoori needs to try different concepts to become unique and competitive.

Golden Tandoori will become a bigger and better business if it was to use strategies and planning. The efficiency of the business is important as the commercial environment, functioning efficiently is critical which means that the business will need to minimise food waste, hiring help at minimum wage and benefiting from economies of scale when purchasing supplies. Golden Tandoori will then gradually see an increase in the profit.

Conclusion, what lessons were learned on the project- 250 words

Overall the Epos system is a great innovation to the business and will be a special feature which will help Golden Tandoori to become successful in the long term. The system comes with many benefits which the business can take advantage of.

I decided to design a simple system which is easy to use so the employees can quickly learn how to use the system and have less difficulty whilst using it. The design and format of the system will be kept consistent to help the user to navigate around. I chose the green, red and blue colour scheme because these colours bond well together and also are used in the current leaflets and menus in the takeaway.

In this project I have learnt that businesses need to always try and invest in their business in-order to become more successful, this can be done by expanding the business, increasing the product options or take advantage of technology and invest in a system as Golden Tandoori have done. I think decision making is important when deciding on what kind of investment a business needs, it is a risk which the owner will need to take on as there is a lot of competition and you need to be sure that the decision you make will help the business to become successful and profitable in the long term.

Finally an Epos system for Golden Tandoori is a great investment. There was a need for this system because the business was not providing the service to the customer which they expect and by having this system, Golden Tandoori will improve their customer service which will then lead to happy customers and more profit for the business.

Module refelction, A written reflection of a specific guest lecture- 200 words

  • Module reflection – A written reflection of a specific guest lecture. You can pick your favourite guest talk that is most relevant to you to reflect upon, but the recommended session will be the Sigma guest talk on UX. The slides and videos for this session are on Blackboard.

The innovative use of business models, graphics and visuals to illustrate your points and further demonstrate innovative thinking would be beneficial.

Does the reflection of the specific guest talk demonstrate critical awareness and deeper understanding of the topic?


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1)chart 1


Epos System

Golden Tandoori is a small family business. This business is in need of a Epos system as it will bring a change to the business and also bring ease to the employees whilst taking advantage of technology.

Golden Tandoori  is an established takeaway based in Ancoats, Manchester. Here at Golden Tandoori  we aim to bring all of our customers the best value for money, services and food around, plus we are constantly aiming to improve to make your dining experience even better with us.

I have decided to design an Epos system for the business as it requires a system which can be used instead of a normal till or a paper menu. This Epos system is designed by myself but will be developed by a professional company.

This system is a special invention for the business because it has many benefits, the main purpose will be to improve customer service and increase the profits in business.

Below you can see the video of my system which will give you a brief demo of what my Epos system will look like and how it will work.