Collaboration of SEO and Magic: A Social Media strategy for an Illusionist

In Turkey the art of Illusion is not a path many take, however the locals of Istanbul will appreciate good trick! Doruk Sayar, a friend of mine specialises in card and stage magic. Some of his work can be found here. Not long ago I have offered to assist him with his social media strategy and SEO. Read on to find out my strategy to build up a social media presence from scratch!

You can follow his work on his website:

The Strategy:

A bit of a background: Doruk has been on stage for years, he currently performs in Kadıköy where he does close-up magic. While his competitors have been targeting a different buyer persona for themselves such as birthday parties for children and small gatherings, he has produced videos performing to some Turkish celebrities, defining for himself a bigger audience.

Business goals:

  • Brand awareness: Despite producing good material the awareness is not as high as it could be.
  • Word of mouth: The strength of word of mouth is amplified in practices that involve a good showmanship. Nothing gets people talking more than a baffling magic trick. In social media marketing, this translates to sharing the content every time a mind is blown. Not difficult to achieve given his craft.
  • Leads: Doruk performs to celebrities and he performs in Kadıköy to locals however; there has not been a data driven analysis in place to back it all up.

Social goals:

  • Reach
  • Shares, Likes, Retweets

How do we do it?

Suggestions I have made involve card flourish tutorials, if you have never seen one it’s because not many people can do it! It involves shuffling playing cards in fancy ways:

The content produced will involve easier card shuffles an enthusiast can learn, they will be sorted by difficulty. This content will target card magic enthusiasts and increase the traffic to the website. The content will be exclusive to the website. We don’t want to give away too many secrets!

Slo-Mo card shuffles:

Cards Satisfying GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

These will not have tutorials as they will serve as stunning visuals. They will be shared across all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The art of card flourishes are fairly unknown. These will be the content that people want to share with their friends – meaning increased brand awareness and traffic to the website.

Street magic:

We will produce videos of Doruk performing on the streets of Istanbul, reaction videos are popular and this would serve as a campaign to increase brand awareness.

Celebrity Endorsements:

Doruk has already performed to a number of celebrities in Turkey. An endorsement from one of the famous personalities would not only increase the website rank on SERPs but also increase awareness and drive traffic to the website.

Further action?

Depending on Google Analytics data, strategy will be revised. This blog will be updated as new developments are introduced.

(SERPs before optimisation)                      (SERPs after optimisation)

Thank you for reading!

I suggest all my colleagues in the University of Salford to try to find a friend who they can help with their digital marketing. It is one thing to follow a brief with a given path and it is another to become the whole of digital marketing department, free to implement what you have learned.

How my time at Salford Business School prepared me for my career?

Digital Marketing course focused on practicality

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If your experience in university have been studying books on hours end only to forget everything you’ve learned after your exams, this isn’t an effective way to learn a profession like marketing. Online marketing is a practice that places high emphasis on practicality.


Applied skills in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about putting theory into practice. The modules taught focus on applying theory rather than discussing academic standpoints. In my first module we had to build digital marketing blogs. This helped me understand content marketing and branding. The following module we were asked to use Google Analytics, learning how to implement Social Media marketing plan using real life data. The course focuses on delivering realistic tasks in each module as we had to pitch our ideas in groups to replicate a real life experience.

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The following module covered personal branding; creating an online presence. Building up the brand: Ata Kuzu. Apart from making students more employable, we have been taught to use SEO and marketing analytics to measure the strength of the social media profiles we have optimised. SEO and PPC are vital for any digital marketer. Topics covered in the course are carefully picked to represent what is digital marketing today.

Learning life skills along the way…

An entire class dedicated to teaching skills that help make students more employable. Common anxiety among students is worrying about the first few job interviews. Salford offers mock job interviews for those looking to hone their interview skills. I have learned about the do’s and don’ts of the much-dreaded hiring process. Class sessions are encouraged to be interactive and there are even sessions on getting better at team leadership.


Salford Business Schools provided me with a useful toolkit for my next chapter in life.


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