“a smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that, in the past, you would have found only on a personal digital assistant or a computer–such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit Office documents, for example.”

smartphones have become a very important part of our lives, they are used for almost everything like sending emails and texts, to controlling the air conditioning in your car before you get into it. the use of smartphones keeps on improving especially with such innovative companies like google and apple competing to make their smartphone experience better than the other. new features like virtual reality are constantly being improved on a daily basis by samsung and google, making games and watching videos experience so much better. Getting work done can now be done on the go because of smartphones, people can now finish their work like finishing a power point presentation on their phones and can easily save it on the cloud where it will be available to view on all of their other devices like their tabs and PC’s and easily continue from there.

my experience with smartphones

the first ever smartphone i got was in 2009 and that was the Blackberry Curve 8520. the amazing keyboard that blackberry was known for and all the instant messaging applications that came with the device. i think it was one of the first smartphones to be built with such capabilities, since it had the word processing applications and and the ability to edit and view documents and browsing the internet, making them small personal computers. sure there were better models available by the same company, but most of them basically had the same features. I used to just imagine how much was invested in research and development for the smartphones, and how they designed the software with all the codes and tags that i have just started learning about now, which made me realize there is a lot more to learn about coding and i have just got to know the basics.

The next phone i moved to was a Samsung Galaxy S3 which was in 2012, moving from a blackberry to a phone which had more than 10 times the features and an amazing display i was amazed, i never would have expected smartphones to become that good and with such amazing features like the S voice and S beam. and it made getting stuff done so much easier like sending emails or looking at documents and even going through social media, since it was so easy to multi task and always have more than one application open at a time.

why smartphones have become so important  to us

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, even elderly people who were used to using the old black and white screen phones have changed to iphones and other smartphones. Even kids at the age of 10 get smartphones now. i personally think it is to keep up with the social media hype and keep up with new trends and not be outdated. It also is an easy way to get the latest news since accessing websites has become so much easier and news companies just upload all the latest news to their websites instantly, making it a faster way to broadcast it to the viewers.

Samsung galaxy s3

Galaxy S III (Blue) Front


balckberry bold 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520


career as an IT professional

career as an IT professional

Computers have always fascinated me, ever since I can remember. Which led me to dwell further into them exploration of the IT world. It started small by me joining after school clubs and extra classes outside of school in the IT field.

Growing up in Uganda, which is very much still a developing country the use of technology is not as far fetched as a developed nation that all have the necessary resources that are required. This then led me to take up a course in university as I felt like if I further increased my knowledge in this field I can take it back home and use it to open up more opportunities for businesses. This would not only open up new prospect’s business wise, but also become a chance to educate the people on the use of IT and how it can change lives and make trivial tasks much easier and less time consuming, an example of this can seen in commercialized agriculture, if brought into play in Africa where the main form income for many people is through farming it could help them save time money, grow more crops, have better harvests.

why an IT course

“Most of these jobs pay relatively well, many with benefits. IT professionals typically enjoy good job security as well. The BLS reports that those who worked in computer-related occupations earned an average salary of $80,020 in 2012.” Another incentive that led me to choose IT as a career option was the fact that the average IT professional is very well paid. Being in a field that is constantly changing, developing, improving and growing is also looked at as incentive for people that enjoy challenges in their life. An alternative reason for choosing IT is quite simple, innovation. In the recent years there have been numerous innovations, which keep people on their toes, so why not? Why not be a part of the hand full of people that create something that can potentially change your life?

why I chose Business information Technology

As mentioned earlier, coming from a country that is not as affluent, this means that the technology that the businesses are using are not on par as the rest of the world this means that there is so much potential that is being missed out on. An example of this is simple as not being able to keep track of daily inventory. Some businesses may be able to keep track of accounts, but then fail to advertise or reach the clientele they were looking for, both nationally and internationally, this could have been done If they had the proper knowledge of marketing. In other words, small businesses could easily compete with big business across the globe by simply investing in data driven marketing. Since more and more people shop online now days it is important to implement the right kind of technologies that can monitor this, and this is why I chose IT as a course as it will help me not only grow the business nationally but also internationally by simply implanting the easiest of technologies to my business.