Stockport Art Gallery


A major exhibition of text and textiles exploring the question, ‘Where is the Heart of Stockport’, is now on at Stockport Art Gallery, and is open until 22 March 2016.

Fabulous stitch work, huge collaborative textile banners and creative writing from a range of people across Stockport, alongside new artwork commissioned by Arc from the 2 lead artists Sarah Butler and Julie Mosley.

Cllr Andy Verdeille, the Mayor of Stockport says, “This work captures the essence of Stockport and I know it will be a talking point in the town for a long time to come.”

And Eamonn Boylan, Stockport MBC’s Chief Executive adds that the high quality of the exhibition was “typical of Arc in that it is something extra, something more than what I expected”.

Unpicked Restitched supportersStockport Art Gallery is open:
Tues – Fri from 1 – 5
Saturdays from 10 – 5
Sundays and Bank Holidays from 11 – 5.

You can also see examples of the really wonderful work that has been created at:

My website

anitadraper_250I  can hardly believe how quickly time has passed. I spent a year at Stockport College and met some lovely and talented students , some who are now at the University of Salford. I enjoyed working in the studio space at college and this prompted me to have a little studio in my garden. This has brought me so much pleasure and has been an inspiration for a series of nature pictures.

It will be interesting to see how each season affects my work. I have been experimenting with applying paint in different ways.  Sponges, credit type cards and sprays all give very different but interesting results. I have also enjoyed combining screen printing with over painting on top. This is probably sacrilege but I liked the result.  I no longer have access to screen printing equipment, so I was pleased that I printed some ‘spares’ that I could work into using ordinary paint.

You can see my latest work on my  website:

Intrinsic Art

Intrinsic Art  Faced with a blank sheet of paper
Not knowing what to do
How do I go about it
I only wish I knew,

Get some ideas from nature
She’s much too intricate for me
I need to keep it simple
I’m struggling, the lines to see.

Make my mark on the white void
Express something of what I am
Desperate to make a start
Trying to be original
Here goes, something finished
Maybe, just maybe it might be ART!

Encaustic painting

encaustic03For me, this is essentially painting with wax melted on to a hot iron. I have personally furthered this by developing a technique whereby I then print the encaustic painting on to fabric.

Then embroider and embellish the fabric print. I have also tried printing back onto paper. This gives an effect that you couldn’t possibly get from painting with paint