Car Hiring Companies and its link with IT

Car Hiring Companies

Hi everyone, today I will be writing my final blog on car hiring companies and if you never knew much about this sort of company beforehand you definitely will at the end of it.

So what is a car hiring company?

Well it’s all in the title really but I’ll explain anyways a car hiring company basically rents out different type of cars varying from standard cars to sport cars and even luxury cars such as a ROLLS ROYCE! For either a short or longer period of time the length of time of the rental will all depend on the person renting it itself. Also there are a wide range of prices which could vary from as little as £20 a day to a higher sum of £500 a day all depending on the type of car you wish to hire/rent. Different companies will have their own terms and conditions for example how much deposit will be charged, claim process in the event of an accident etc.

Why is this sort of company so popular?

A car hiring company is a big industry and is continuously growing almost like the IT industry. Have you ever thought about how many people in the world use cars? It’s crazy one of the big reasons why we have so much pollution.  But where a car hiring company comes to use is on occasions such as weddings and parties where people go out and hire a nice sport car or even a continental Bentley GT. But this sort of company is also a huge benefit in emergency situations where you need to get to work and your car has broke down one call to a car hire company and that could be your problem solved and a nightmare saved.

The link between IT and a Car hiring company

Well where does a Car hiring company link to the IT industry well IT plays a big part in car hiring companies as they need to use it in different ways in order to run the business successfully. I understand that car hiring may not seem like something that will require IT but trust me it requires it a lot more than you may think. When bookings are being taken for cars they don’t write the information onto a piece of paper it all gets lodged onto the system one of the software’s that they can tend to use is Excel something I have used a lot over the last few weeks as part of my university course. Furthermore to keep track of which car is out on rental and who it is rented to the company need to have all valuable data on a system where they can track it any time if they were to forget something they could go back and check without a hassle. So I think IT makes it a lot easier for car hiring companies to go about their business and run more successfully with the help of systems and IT.


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My career aspirations as an IT professional

My Career Aspirations as an IT professional

There are Many Different IT professions that you can go into such as Networking, Testing, developing websites, IT support, Project management and many more.

In this blog I am going to talk about My Personal aspirations on going into the IT profession. There are many factors that can influence a person on what and where they see their career but for me the biggest factor that is influencing me to go into the IT profession is personal interest in the field.

Want to know more about why I chose IT?

Like I have mentioned above personal interest in the field is a big part why I have chosen IT however it’s not the only reason. I first studied IT in high school where I got to grasps with the very basics of IT and it actually became my favourite subject during school as I weren’t really motivated by education but I seemed to enjoy IT. This made my decision to study IT in College very easy as I weren’t interesting in anything else so IT it was and throughout my course I learnt more and more my learning came to a point where I was enjoying that much that I would start to search IT related stuff myself even in my own time which was amazing for someone like me I mean even my mum was surprised when she come home one day and she caught me on the computer searching for Jobs in IT she was like ‘wow you’re actually doing something beneficial for once’ This brings me to my second point on why I chose IT as I was searching for jobs and did my own research on popular subject fields it was IT that caught my eye. IT is a growing industry and an industry that is very high in demand in a time where other subjects and industries have not got many opportunities out there as IT is used in more or less every Business. So yes I went onto decide to study Business Information Technology at university in which I am already learning valuable information and skills such as using coding to create a website which Is part of an assignment of mine.

My Dream job – Technology Consultant

A technology consultant is someone who advises businesses on how they can use technology to work more efficiently and make more money.

Why This Profession is suitable for me

I am money motivated person so I firmly believe my ideas would be much broader and wiser when money is involved and this profession helps me to do that. Apart from my IT skills that would be suited for this job my general personality would also be beneficial as I am a very talkative person and very confident therefore I would be able to really get my voice heard to different businesses to advise them on the different sort of technology they can use to benefit them. So that’s me and my crazy IT dream.



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Why is coding beneficial


Hi guys, today I will be writing my first blog on how HTML and CSS benefit individuals like ourselves and businesses/organisations.

Coding is very popular for businesses as most businesses will involve some sort of coding and it’s also important for individuals like ourselves as we can do it as a hobby or for creating a website which is something I’ll be doing for an assignment at university. Coding also helps us understand how technology is mainly used in this era. From my early experiences at university studying coding I have found it quite difficult and often quite frustrating it’s something that requires a lot of effort and practice in order to make it perfect however I am slowly getting the hang of it at the moment I am currently learning basic coding and more specifically studying HTML and CSS and the languages used.               PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Well basically, HTML is a computer language formulated to allow website creation and in a full term means Hypertext Mark-up Language. HTML works by short codes being written into a text file, it is then saved into an HTML file and viewed through the internet sounds fairly simple and easy don’t it? Shame it’s not as easy as it sounds. On the other hand, we have CSS another method used to help organisations CSS simple stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to determine how HTML elements on screen, paper or any other type of media. So you’re probably wondering how exactly does HTML and CSS benefit organisations, well it helps organisations build and create websites for their business making it easier to access certain things online. It can also help with the launch of new businesses such as selling software’s, selling mobile apps and e-commerce as all these types of businesses consist of HTML and CSS coding. Furthermore, HTML and CSS can also benefit individuals one of the main ways of doing this is by offering a successful career in the field of coding as mentioned above, coding plays a big part in most businesses if not all so therefore there will be plenty of career opportunities for the right person who is interested in this sort of field. Most firms will have websites created by HTML and CSS as websites are used for the purpose of adverting as well as for the sales of businesses.

I hope after reading this you now have gained valuable knowledge of how coding is very useful and beneficial to businesses and individuals and I hope my experiences of studying coding has allowed you to understand what exactly coding consists of as it’s by no means an easy skill however I can’t stress enough how much of an important skill it is a skill that can stay with you for life if studying hard enough and mastered in each aspect of it and I can assure you it will help with your future ambitions of a career in coding.