Headit!- Wearable technology to help train children to head the ball in football

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Football. Game of the gods. 

Played by almost 2 million children in the U.K.

Headit! is a wearable headband that gathers data on how children head the ball. It is designed to be low profile so it doesn’t interfere with natural play, while collecting information to improve their technique.

Using sensors, it helps train young players to use the correct part of the head when heading the ball. It provides accuracy data, and measures the impacts they have received in a game so they can be monitored for their safety.


This data is then stored and displayed on the Headit app which can be downloaded to a phone or tablet so you can monitor this information in real time, in games or training sessions.


What is the problem with heading the ball?

Headers are part of the game.

This is echoed throughout the sport by the FIFA, UEFA, the various football associations, football clubs and their coaches. However, there have been a number of ex professional footballers who have been diagnosed or who have died from dementia related illnesses.

When the ex West Bromwich Albion player Jeff Astle died in 2002, the first link was made by the coroner in his inquest between heading the ball and dementia. A verdict of death by industrial disease was recorded, and since then, research has begun to further clarify the link.

Other research by Willie Stewart, a neuropathologist who examined Jeff Astles’ brain, has concluded that this is not a problem of the past. Although footballs have got lighter, they now travel at faster speeds.

These concerns about the impact heading the ball on football players are now being discussed in youth football; the head of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) has suggested that children should be banned from heading and the former chief executive of the Scottish FA has also stated that he expects youth football to ban headers.

The issue of young players heading the ball was also explored by Alan Shearer in his 2017 documentary, Dementia, Football and Me:

How does this affect grass roots football?

Training young players to head the ball can be difficult. Shying away from the ball, closing eyes before contact or using the wrong part of the head can all cause children to be hurt.

A small survey of youth football coaches in North Wales shows how they feel about training and monitoring when heading the ball:

When asked that about heading the ball in games, some parents and coaches also expressed their views..

So buy Headit! now!

Although different technology exists to monitor adults participating in sports, especially those who have received a previous head injury, there has been a lack of affordable, up to date technology to help train and monitor young players when heading the ball in football.

  • Headit allows more control over training sessions and games,
  • Coaches can continually monitor impacts on players heads
  • Based on low cost but reliable technology
  • It gives real time time information
  • The headbands and app are simple to use

Here’s how it works…

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