What led me to pursue a career in IT consultancy?

The IT industry is host to a lot of job titles. This makes it a bit hard for graduates interested in this sector to pin down exactly what people do to make their decision. Choosing a career path is one of the most substantial decisions a person has to make in his life.

Many things have lead me up to my decision to choose a career in Business in IT. From an early age, I have always been deeply interested in business and technologies. During the course of my degree this interest never faded, only kept growing more passion for IT as I continue making new discoveries.

During BIDT module at the university of Salford, we had the opportunity to meet Sarah Green (2016) a business manager at training 2000, as one of the module guest speakers. She studied business at university level, without any background in IT. She got a job in an IT industry because of her love in being on a cutting edge of a fast faced industry that will get better result for clients. Jamil Khalil (LinkedIn 2016) the founder of Wakelet who we also had the opportunity of meeting. The knowledge I got from him was never to give up on your dreams no matter what. He never gave up on his dream even though he struggled to get funding for his project and a lot of the sponsors he meant were saying the project will never succeed that it will be a total failure. He told us that hard work and never giving up attitude was his key to success. I learned never to give up towards my goals if I want to become successful.

To help me with my future career search, I used Prospect (2016) and Target Job (2012) who are experts in graduate careers to assist me in finding the career job that is suitable for me. Although, they also help to guide students to a bright future with unrivalled information, opportunities and advice on the job best appropriate for you. IT consultant jobs requirement were the most appealing to me.

From communicating with Dr Abubakar Shinkafi (LinkedIn, 2016) who is a IT start-up company owner to seeing guest speakers talk about their roles in an IT company they work in. My goal is to work within the sphere of a business and IT context. I am interested in this kind of industry because of my interest in technologies. IT consultant is the job that combines IT and business knowledge in helping client integrates their business with IT systems. IT consultant is a person who works in partnership with businesses, advising the client on how to use IT in order to achieve their business objective goals or solve their problems.

However, IT consultant also works as a bridge between the users and technical team, understanding both business investment and client requirement. At Accenture (2016) their IT consultants job is to come up with a range of technology solutions and advise their clients on which technology will most improve their business performance.

The job is mostly office based, though often working as a member of a team. However, you will always be based on clients’ premises. This is the kind of industry that I want to find myself working in.