Welcome to my website! I’m a final year BSc Business Information Technology student with a passion for technology and informatics, keen to learn, develop new skills and gain industry experience. My interest in IT began at an early age and I quickly realised that I wanted to pursue a career within the industry. I have since made it my aim to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to put myself in the best possible position to enter my desired field upon graduation.

technology student

Adam Williams

Currently, I am considering my options for potential career paths. Although I’m unsure of the exact career I wish to pursue, as a business information technology student the main careers I am considering include; web developer, cyber security specialist and systems analyst. I am also exploring the option of undertaking an IT traineeship or relevant graduate scheme, which would allow me to gain some experience of different roles before deciding which career path to pursue.

Depending on the route I choose to go down, I am also exploring the possibility of doing a Masters degree, especially in the area of cyber security as this is something that interests me as a potential career. Courses in this area include MSc in Digital Forensics, Cyber Security and Network & Information Security, all of which would equip me with the relevant skills for a career in this challenging and in demand industry. However, as a Business IT graduate, there are many options open to me, including more business oriented roles. This website will discuss some of these options in more detail and will blog my progress.

Feel free to explore this website and take a look at some of the projects I have worked on previously. I am contactable by the phone number and email address at the top of the screen, and can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.