Tastefull App

What is Tastefull App?

Food is consumed by every human being as a nutritional support and it is necessary to intake healthy food to stay fit. However nowadays people are falling sick and having medical problems due to the intake of unhealthy food, the food industry is one of the fastest growing industries; due to the surge of food this industry is providing processed, GM food etc. By consuming this type of food people are falling sick easily. Therefore it is necessary to intake healthy for staying fit. For this reason, this Tasteful app is developed to help the people to choose a healthy diet for the concern people. Tasteful app will be a remarkable and game changer app in future. It helps to order and go through the menu of different restaurants easily by its users. Nowadays veganism has become a very important dietary in today’s world and became very popular. A vegan diet is an animal meat-free diet which is free of all processed meats. This app is developed to help all the vegan peoples who find difficult to find vegan dishes in restaurants.



Tasteful interface

tasteful interface

Figure 1: Tasteful interface


Tasteful helps to access menus of different restaurant and it helps us to choose healthy vegan dishes from their menu. It offers us to choose low carbohydrate, gluten-free, paleo diet and vegetarian dishes from menus of different restaurants. Tasteful app helps us to track our health record by helping us to consume healthy dishes. Nowadays people becoming more health conscious and they are turning towards more healthy diet. Tasteful will help this entire health-conscious people to monitor their health and diet better. Tasteful is easily available and downloadable for the people and they will be benefited by this app to a great extent. It will also help and consider the restaurant’s owner to include more healthy dishes on their menus. This app will be a remarkable step toward making a healthy society.

Sportsperson needs to consume a healthy diet and this app will help them to track their diet and allow them to consume healthy food. Tasteful will be a remarkable app for the patients who find difficult to choose healthy dishes from the restaurant’s menu. With this app, they can access and choose healthy dishes from different restaurants without compromising their health. This app will mainly affect the vegan peoples who find difficult to get the vegan dishes in restaurants. The new generation is becoming more prone to vegan diets due to the ideology of animal cruelty and this app will be helpful to a great extent. Tasteful app will help all the health conscious people to choose a better diet and stay healthy. People are becoming more aware of the unhealthy food industry and choosing to consume healthy food over processed food. This app will be a boon to this sick society by helping them to choose a healthy livelihood. Health conscious people and the enthusiast society will help in making this app successful and will encourage the developer to develop it further.

Tasteful interface

Tasteful interface

In this digital age, everyone is linked to the internet and this app is easily accessible and can be easily downloaded on mobile phones. The awareness campaign can be created by social websites, by digital marketing easily. People need to be aware of the harmful food industry and need to choose a healthy diet for a better future. Tasteful needs to reach every people in the society to create a better and healthy future. This app can be marketed effectively through social media marketing and the restaurants. With better reviews and the more market demand will encourage the developer to further develop this app. It’s not about making this app; it’s a giant leap towards a healthy future.